Apr 6, 2008

Wuyuan trip: people

In Wuyuan (婺源), we got to see lots of local villagers going about their daily lives.

Villages in China have a completely different feel than the large cities. People are more laid back, more welcoming, and more friendly overall. They don't seem to have the pushy-shovey mentality so pervasive in large Chinese cities. Unlike those big cities, you don't see people lining up and crowding into buses and doorways like they're giving away krugerrands on the other side of the door.

Some friendly locals, with a unique hexagonal doorway, that were joking around with us:

Some local villagers justing hanging out in an alleyway eating and talking:

I like the way this photo turned out of an old man in Hongcun (洪村), just after dusk:

Some women doing laundry by the riverside:

A woman squeezing moisture out of garlic chives (韭菜):

One of the villages we went to had gotten on the official Chinese package tour group itinerary for the country. Needless to say, it was packed with shutterbug tourists, and it was like getting on the Beijing subway during rush hour. I'm sure it's a lot more relaxed in the off-season:

We got to take a ten minute ride on a rickety bamboo raft. I calculated our odds of sinking or capsizing at 50/50, but we ended up safe and dry in the end:


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