Apr 22, 2008

The loquat: a mango-looking novelty fruit

There's no shortage of imposter fruit in China. I had an imposter grapefruit once, and recently I had a fruit posing as a mango. I ate a loquat for the first time in while traveling in Jiangxi. Not to be confused with quat, kwat, or dumb-quat, the loquat is not a fruit that I've seen in the US before.

It's easy to be conned into thinking that the loquat is actually a small mango. In fact, it's a mango-looking fruit that doesn't taste quite as good as a mango. They're pretty cheap though. The fruit vendor near my place in Beijing was selling a shrink wrapped tray of a bunch of them for around 12 kuai ($1.72).

I'd recommend trying one for the novelty value, but stick with real mangoes if you want good flavor.


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