Mar 19, 2008

McDonald's cup

As I was sitting in McDonald's eating my hamburger and fries and drinking my Coke, I got some amusement from reading the Olympic-themed paper cup that my beverage was served in.

I first saw this portion pictured below, which shows an Olympic road bicyclist. "This is appropriate. Road biking is a tough endurance sport", I thought to myself. You can tell from the photo that that person is a real athlete and not just some weekend warrior.

Then I rotated my cup a little, and saw the next event pictured, fencing. "A classic Olympic event", I thought. I rotated the cup another time, and saw...

...badminton. I did some research, and sure enough, badminton is indeed an Olympic event as of Barcelona. Very intriguing. I wonder why badminton made the cut, but the other backyard games didn't. Where's the bocce event, the horseshoes event, the lawn darts event?

Look at this guy's professional racquet, shirt, and shorty-shorts! Maybe this isn't the kind of badminton that we had so much fun playing in the backyard.

As a parting note, I'll admit that I have played real badminton in a gym before while in China, and I can say that I completely got my butt kicked.

I will say that I think the reason I lost is because my shorts weren't short enough, or possibly because my grip on the badminton racquet wasn't quite dainty enough.


Blogger pridurak said...

you're eating a Macdonald's burger and coke, maybe thats why you lost. or maybe badminton isn't what you think it is and it actually takes endurance, strength, and technique just like those other sports you mentioned.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Lazarus said...

It's so funny that McDonalds endorses the Olympics.
Not because of Badminton ( I FREAKING LOVE BADMINTON and plan on being an olypic badmiton champion in my next life ). But because it's just rediculous... how many Olympic athetes do you think eat McDonalds regulary, if at all?
Like I'm so sure the winner of the triathilon ate a big mac before competing...
Michael Phelps (MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm yum) got that swimmer's body from all the big mac and fries.. In fact, I think they should try some new advertising, maybe show a bunch of big macs wearing gold medals.. or maybe.. have the skiers skiing down a huge hill of McDonalds ice cream... their ski poles can be french fries!!! :) and have the bobsledders going down a run of pure grease!! YEAH!

2:02 PM  

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