Mar 24, 2008

Great Wall hiking

Going to the reconstructed and touristy parts of the Great Wall is something I don't really like to do, but it's always a lot of fun to hike in a section of the wall I've not been to before. When my sister visited recently we did the hike from Jinshanling to Simatai.

There's a bus that goes from Beijing to Chengde, and you can have the driver dump you off at the entrace of Jinshanling. It's a real countryside place, but luckily a found a driver from Haidian district in Beijing where I live who drove us the two clicks to the park entrace, and then picked us up at the Simatai side, a three hour hike away. A couple Italian backpackers already had booked his van so the two of us were an added bonus for him to take back. The driver told me the price the Italians paid him. It turns out they're not the skilled bargainers that I had thought.

The hike is really scenic and a little challenging in places, and I think it took about two and a half hours total to do it. Here's a couple photos that I like:


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