Mar 23, 2008

An authentic Beijing snack

I had some time to kill nearby the north gate of Temple of Heaven park, when I saw a restaurant with a Beijing specialty snack, mung bean milk or douzhi (豆汁). The description from this page explains:
It is actually remnant of mung bean when it is used to make starch. It looks grey-green and tastes sour and a little sweet. When served, it must go with pickles, which are thinly cut and sprayed with cayenne pepper oil. It will taste better, especially for those who try it for the first time. Most people will find it hard to swallow because of its flavor, but if you could manage to try for the second time, maybe you will like it.
From what my local friends tell me, douzhi is more appreciated by senior citizens. From what I saw in the douzhi shop I was in, old Chinese men were the primary target audience. It wasn't that bad to drink, but I wouldn't go looking for it on a regular basis. I think I drank about 75% of what was in the bowl, and I was pretty full and wasted the rest. At about two kuai for all the delicious food and the bowl of liquid in my photo, it's not a bad deal.


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