Feb 7, 2008

New cocktail recipe

This past Wednesday was lunar new year's eve and the first vacation day of the week-long Chinese New Year holiday in the PRC. Accordingly, Tuesday evening was drinking night. After some whiskey and beer, I had a great revelation for a localized mixed drink using local Beijing ingredients. I've written about it on my Chinese blog.

There's a health tonic sold in China called 脑白金, "nao bai jin", meaning "brain white gold". It's promoted especially heavily during Chinese New Year as a gift product. It's a pretty simple mixture, containing basically melatonin and oligosaccharide. The commercials are pretty entertaining. They feature two computer-generated senior citizen cartoon characters of ambiguous ethnicity dancing around to some catchy tunes. My favorite is the the one where they are dressed like cowboys. Check out one of the commercials here.

The basis for my drink recipe is to combine 1/3 Naobaijin with 2/3 Beijing Red Star erguotou liquor (56% alcohol), serve in an old-fashioned glass, and then garnish with a lime peel. Maybe someone will try this cocktail out and let me know if it's drinkable.


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