Feb 23, 2008

Fireworks recap

This week finally marked the end of the lunar new year fireworks madness in Beijing. Officially, fireworks were allowed from lunar new year's eve to midnight of the fifteenth day of the lunar month, which was this past Thursday. Here's a quick photo sampling of what was available within Beijing. Of course, the really good stuff, like firecrackers that look like toilet paper tubes stuffed with black powder, are available in Hebei province or out in the countryside.

Here's a fireworks stand with the officially permitted fireworks in Beijing. They had some semi-illegal stuff behind the counter.

Various small mortars being sold with creative names:

无敌先锋, the "invincible vanguard".

太空游行, the "outer space journey".

满园春, I think this one is named after the idiom 春色满园, which describes how a garden is full of spring beauty and scenery.

火树银花, "fire trees and silver stars", named using an idiom describing a place decorated with lanterns and banners, or the glitter and brightness from setting off a bunch of fireworks.

花好月圆, "nice flowers and a round moon", this one is named after a Chinese idiom that is a figure of speech for happiness and satisfaction, often used to congratulate newlyweds.

万业兴隆, I think this one has to do with guaranteeing thriving business.


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