Jan 24, 2008

Those of notorious and unsavory reputation

Those of notorious and unsavory reputation need not apply for tickets to the opening or closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. The various Nazi outback law-enforcement agencies involved are conducting thorough background investigations of each and every ticket applicant. Any undesirables will be run down like dogs. Passport numbers and photos of applicants will be printed on admission tickets.

Sarcasm aside, the extreme measures will probably be a good method of keeping the hooligans out of what should be a highly publicized event.

This is the form you've got to fill out and deliver to the Bank of China if you've been fortunate enough to be someone who:
1. Has an address and credit card in China to buy opening or closing ceremonies tickets and
2. Is not a person of notorious and unsavory reputation. Here's a screen shot of it, click to enlarge:

Note for non-readers of Chinese: the first screen shot above with the mug shot of a dog is sort of a subtle joke about the relatively uncommon last name "Gou", which is written as 苟 but sounds the same as 狗, "dog". Hope someone gets a few yuks out of that one.


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