Dec 28, 2007

Off the beaten track Detroit photo tour

Below: A potential customer at Lafayette Coney Island eyes the selections.

Lafayette Coney register. Coleman Young keeps watch at the top of the photo, and a bumper sticker stands guard at the bottom.

Below: A balanced lunch: one loose, one Coney, one root beer. Elapsed time for me to scarf everything down: five minutes.

Below: Devil's Night remnants near State Fair St. and Hoover. Directly across the street from this unsightly mess is a Catholic church.

Below: One of many burnt out post-World War II style houses near 7 Mile and Van Dyke.

Below: Who's up for some urban spelunking? This abandoned building is here near Gratiot and Van Dyke. I'd like to figure out what it is or was at one time.

Below: Who needs Ikea or Macy's when you've got a Mattress Station at the end of the block?

Despite being surrounded by burnt out houses, some Detroit residents still manage to get into the holiday spirit.

Below: A lone worker.


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