Dec 4, 2007

Christmas shopping in Beijing

One of my stops for Christmas shopping this year was the Panjiayuan market in Beijing. In the years I've been living in Beijing, I've never come here, even though it's one of those must-see tourist markets, like Silk Street and Yaxiu Market. There's so really interesting stuff here, but the downside is all those tourists which create an atmosphere where it's very challenging to haggle down to the appropriate price. There are enough silly French and German tourists who are willing to pay ten times what a local would for something, so why should a merchant give you a decent price?

There's lots of fake antiques and reproductions of military weapons. One interesting thing I saw at a few stalls was a sheet metal reproduction of a Freddy Krueger glove with real metal fingers.

Despite the challenges, I did get some good stuff there, which I won't be able to list out right now since I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

Look at all that loot!

Bowls and bowls and bowls!
Bowls for cats, bowls for dogs, bowls for cereal.
You could buy one bowl for your Frosted Flakes, another bowl for your Cocoa Puffs, and another one for your Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So cool!

This Chinese man looks very content and warm with his fur hat. He's just standing around selling something or other.

Most of the market is outdoors, but covered by a high roof. The market is about three football fields in size, by my estimation.

Inside the rows of vendor stalls, it's organized chaos.


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