Dec 7, 2007

Artwork to print out and hang on the fridge

Ready to be grossed out? Here we go. I was reading the illustrated instructions, in Chinese of course, for the stool sample we're supposed to give at the annual physical. This is the picture that's most amusing for me:

Doesn't the cartoon poop looks like a perfect silhouette of Mr. Hankey, our favorite South Park Christmas character?

Unfortunately, I can't say I've produced this kind of anthropomorphic poop before. Especially not while living in China, where there's a little too much oil and grease in the food. Maybe I should start eating crayons and steak to bind myself up.

Here's another cartoon from the stool sample cartoons. It looks like there's two methods that they're recommending:
  • Method 1: straddle the porcelain throne reverse cowboy-style while sucking your thumb
  • Method 2: do the traditional toilet squat
Do either of these styles appeal to you?

Here's the entire pamphlet that came folded up in the stool sample kit. Click on it to get a full size closer look. Print it out and hang it on your refrigerator next to the kids finger paintings, you'll be sure to get some rave comments on it from your visitors.


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