Oct 26, 2007

Beijing marathon 2007

The Beijing marathon this year was on October 21, 2007. The course was moved to a less congested route north of the Olympic stadium. They've really improved their organizational skills during the past few years. This year's race had considerably better crowd control for participants and spectators alike. The race course used up both lanes of the road, so unlike past years where one side of the road was filled with idling, polluting cars, the air was relatively ideal for running.

Participants were staggered at the starting line based on which race they were running, full marathon, half, 10K, or 4K. The organizers still got this part backwards, and as a 10K runner I had to start behind the half and full marathoners, and I was constantly passing them by up until about the 7K or 8K mark. I think the organizers will have their act together for the Beijing Olympics next year.

Note: Pictures above taken by other people, click on image for respective flickr pages.


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