Aug 29, 2007

Grassland trip

I went on a weekend trip to the grasslands north of Beijing, not quite yet to the border of Inner Mongolia. It's called Bashang, on the northern edge of Heibei province. This fella has a good write up. It took about six hours to drive there in the 12-seater van. When we arrived we ate lunch at our rustic motel, and then negotiated with the locals for horses and guides.

Afterwards we rode horses from three in the afternoon until seven, and then feasted on half of a whole roasted lamb. As we started to eat our lamb it began to rain. The rain continued the next day so we headed back to Beijing a little earlier than we had thought. The scenery and horseback riding were worth the trip, however.

Hey, there's actually blue sky not too far from Beijing, it's amazing! Who would have thought.

Mongolian yurt on the grassland during horseback riding.

Signs of a coming rain shower.

Horses much some grass during a photo snapping stop.

Mountain road exiting the grassland area on the way back to Beijing.


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