Jun 6, 2007

Ingredients of Ganmao Keli

The preferred remedy for the common cold in China is a vile tasting mixture that you mix with a cup of hot water and drink. It's called 感冒颗粒 (cold granules), and should be available at any pharmacy. I was curious what exactly was in this medicine, so I went through and translated the ingredients on the Chinese package insert.

Below is a translation of the active ingredients, as well as some links to pages describing them. Most of them are strange things most people probably have never heard of. Regardless, this medicine tastes horrible, so to me, that means it must work.

Ingredients of Ganmao Qingren Keli (感冒清热颗粒),Tong Ren Tang (同仁堂)brand Inactive ingredients
  • 辅料为蔗糖 sucrose
  • 糊精 maltodextrin


Anonymous nichole said...


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Blogger Seth Parr said...

I have to laugh when you say 'taste horrible'. I'm American but my Girl is Chinese and when I first got sick this is what she had me take. It worked extremely well and I thought it tasted excellent.

I think one ingredient missed was orange peel, this is what I was told.

Thanks for the translation.

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