Mar 25, 2007

Andaman dive boat impressions

These are some photos from various scuba diving boats I went on in Thailand.

This here is a small boat from Octopus divers in Koh Lanta that I was on for one day. There was only 3 ft. or so seas that day, but the boat was knocking around like a cork and there were about four land lovers on the boat who vomited over the sides. I had to take extra care not to jump into someone's floating puddle of puke when I did my giant stride entry off the back. Going with this particular dive shop for a day was highly entertaining. In addition to seeing multiple puking divers, I got to buddy with the shop owner, who was very amused by grabbing highly venomous sea snakes that we encountered by their tails. Not to mention, there was an older-looking Czech diver on board who was a dead-ringer for Hunter S. Thompson.

Even in this day and age some scuba divers like to smoke between dives, which is not a smart thing to do. This was a good chance to get a close up of some of the good anti-smoking labels that the Thai government puts on cigarettes.

Glass bottles for Coke and Pepsi were pretty much already out of use when I was growing up, replaced by aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Same thing for China by the time I got there. But in Thailand they still use large reusable glass bottles. It's much nicer, I think, to drink out of a cold glass bottle than an aluminum can, especially in the tropics. It would be great if there's a resurgence of glass bottles in the US or China.

This is what most of the island-type dive sites in the Andaman Sea look like, very steep rock formations jutting out of the water. Most dive sites called Koh-Something (island) look like this from the surface, whereas Hin-Something rock would look similar under the water, but you wouldn't see anything from the surface.


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