Sep 22, 2006

Showing off the new driver's license

Here's a Chinese gentleman who just got his driver's license and is showing off his parking skills to the young floozy in the black dress.

Although still a novice driver, the gentleman gracefully maneuvers his steed through a harrowing obstacle course of trees, parked cars, steep curbs, and throngs of pedestrians. He narrowly avoids scraping against other vehicles while bunches of innocent bystanders scurry out of the way, barley escaping dismemberment and death.

Does the girl look impressed? Or does she think the guy is a complete mutt after seeing the mad drivin' skillz?

Sep 9, 2006

Peach cobbler

Above: a cobbler's tools beside a box of peaches

Above: 秋季甜蜜蜜的一天 ...isn't that so sweet?