Jun 5, 2006


Above: a group of gentlemen squatting in the shade of a lamp post in Tiananmen Square

Why squat and not just sit? Because they realize that the ground is filthy, filthy, filthy due to the incessant spitting and hacking of phlegm, as well as the fluids of the many diaperless babies.

You think squatting like that is easy? It's not. Try it out for yourself, and take note that their heels are flat on the ground. Squatting flat-footed like they are is quite challenging, and you'll probably fall over backwards the first time you try it. It requires exquisite balance and precision to achieve the ideal squatting posture.

Just imagine how hard it is to do that over a squat toilet while reading a newspaper and smoking without having your cellphone and wallet fall into the bowl, or better yet, without making a mess into your trousers pulled down around your ankles.

Once you get the hang of it, however, you'll be showing off your mad squatting skills at bus stops, waiting in the cafeteria lunch line, or anytime you can't find a bench to sit on and you're tired of standing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I immediately saw the dude on the right with his hands on the ground and actually gasped at the picture. I KNEW you would write about the phlem/microbes/germs etc. and thought it was a pretty
hilarious observation. Love you, A/C

4:47 PM  

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