Jun 11, 2006

Fashion misfits

Spring is usually a time of new things in the fashion world. To provide an insight on what this means in China, I'll attempt to put together a series on the latest in Beijing fashion. Here's the first in the series.

In the photo above we have one of the latest styles in mainland China summer fashion, a new take on the classic "German tourist with sandals and black socks" pairing. These two gentlemen are decked out in their finest elastic waistband coolats. They've paired the shorts with sexy faux-leather sandals (left) and dirty vinyl dress shoes stolen from a tricycle-driving garbage collector (right). Note how the models' cleanly shaven Greg LeMond legs effectively accentuate the contrast between the dark colored nylon socks and shorts.

The hunk on the right has an outfit that leans towards business casual. He has tucked his t-shirt into his elastic waistband to show that he's a bit dressier. It's the perfect style to accompany the dress loafers. Combined with the pants that stop 8 inches above the ankle, the look says, "I'm smart casual, but I know how to have fun on the weekend."

The man to the left is the Beijing equivalent of the upwardly mobile New Yorker who busts his hump at a hedge fund all week and trots off to the Hamptons for the weekend to sip mojitos and talk about golf. The shorts paired with the sandals say, "I'm having fun, but I'm upwardly mobile and sophisticated." The shirt draped over the cell phone on his waist says, "I'm socially connected and work hard, but I let it all hang out when I can."

More fashion to come later.


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