Apr 23, 2006

Pinggu county fresh air

As a weekend escape from the Beijing dust and pollution, I tagged along on a bus ride with a local friend to Pinggu county (平谷县) for the day. To the left is a map I captured from Google earth. There are two semi-popular tourist attractions in Pingu. One is Jin Hai Lake (金海湖) and the other is some rock formations in another area. I spent the afternoon walking around at the lake. Here's a rundown of what you can expect if you go there:

You can enjoy the mountain scenery, and if you pay 2 yuan extra you can walk out to the statue of a horseback rider

You can nibble on taro ice cream bars with your gal pals

You can bribe a worker to let you take a spin on this decomissioned flying bicycle contraption

You can cram into a tiny boat like a family of Haitian refugees and zip across the lake

Keep in mind that at this lake, no "hatchet man machines" are allowed during thunderstorms. The use of hatchet men and other unscrupulous behavior is limited to good-weather periods only.

When I saw that horseback rider statue up close, I really started craving a Big Boy hamburger. Certainly, the horseback rider is not as chubby as the Big Boy, but the resemblance in the facial expressions and posture is striking.


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