Apr 17, 2006

Dusty days

Due to some fine particle dust that blew into town over night, the sky has been tinted reddish brown for the entire day. I'm composing a song about it, sung to the tune of Dancing Days by Led Zeppelin:

Dusty days are here again
And the sky is tinged fart brown

Not to give the impression that Beijing usually has blue skies or anything like that. The Beijing ren usually defile their environment beyond belief and the air here is disgusting six days out of the week if you're lucky. But today, add to that the dust, and the atmosphere is especially abysmal. I donned my N95 respirator mask and went out out for a brief stroll to take some photos and capture the effects of the dust.

Folks here aren't very experienced with cars and auto maintenance, so you'll see a lot of them sweeping the dust off their cars using what appears to be a dry miniature hand mop. I think the real reason Chinese consumers don't buy used cars very much is because the previous owner will have already scraped off all the clearcoat. To their credit, I did see a gentleman today using a damp towel, rather than a dry brush, to remove the dust and clearcoat from his car.


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