Mar 4, 2006

Beijing driving test questions

There were some sample questions from the Beijing traffic bureau driving test in a local expat magazine. Take a look through it and you'll see why it's a good idea to study before you take the computer-based test. At the traffic bureau you can choose from several different languages, of course, but the major problem is inconsistency and poor English translations. See how well you score¹

Note at the bottom of the sample test they indicate that you can have a couple agencies help you with obtaining the license and "save you a lot of administrative hassle for a mere RMB 800" (US $100). As I mention to anyone that asks me about getting a license here, that price is another example of the shameless exploitation of the western man in China. The true cost of the entire process, as it was when I went through it myself, should be around RMB 120 (US $15), which breaks down to 60 RMB for the test registration and around 60 RMB or so for a quick eye exam at almost any Beijing hospital.

Above: most drivers would think the sign above indicates that there is a tunnel ahead, but in China it indicates a "hump-shaped bridge".

¹ Link set up to use because due to the referrer URL being sent, the page redirects to different one. This is the original link.


Blogger absolutED said...

1) aiya... not many countries offer b-lingual paper work la... so many complaints
2) agency fees is optional right? it's a market economy dude

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