Feb 11, 2006

Recruiting prostitutes and gigolos

In Beijing, as in other big cities, one frequently encounters seemingly innocuous flyers plastered on walls and bus stops. One such advertisement is show below. In this case, a Beijing nightclub is recruiting both normal service workers, as well as male and female prostitutes (招聘鸡和鸭), which they refer to as “public relations personnel”.

My translation:

Capital International Nightclub

Due to our club's brisk business, we are urgently seeking personnel for the positions listed below:

1. Male/female public relations, multiple openings: 500-2000 yuan/day (paid daily)

2. KTV (private karaoke room) wait staff, 8 openings for each male and female: 1200 yuan/month + tips + percentage

3. Indoor and outdoor security guards, 10 for each: 1200-2000 yuan/month, paid punctually the 15th of each month.

4. Massage technicians, 4
For the positions above, qualified applicants can start on the day of the job interview. For workers from outside the city, room and board are included.

So the karaoke waiters get US $150 per month for busting their butts, the security guards get US $150-250 per month for standing in the freezing cold and rain, and the "public relations workers" get up to US $250 per day. When you see a position advertised that pays a typical Beijing monthly salary during the course of only one day, you can bet that it's a seedy job.


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