Oct 29, 2005

Street side barbeque - 路边烤肉

A disemboweled carcass roasting on a spit at a roadside food stall in Beijing.

People flocked to the stand in droves as the pungent smoke from the flesh of the roasting beast permeated the air. Upon hearing the orders from each hungry customer, the vendor would unsheathe a heavy, razor-sharp machete and swiftly lop off a hunk of meat. After adding a final sprinkle of dried herbs and hot pepper, the customers feasted away. Nervous whimpers and barking could be heard from the room behind the stall. Somehow the other animals sensed what was in store for them in the near future.¹

¹ Story contains some embellishment


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite roadside bbq are the guys from out west, literally names the New West Territory in Chinese, who bbq kebobs on braziers attached to the back of their bicycles.

2:30 AM  
Blogger Hoffster said...

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