Aug 7, 2005

Riddle: How many people does it take to park an Audi TT?

Answer: in China, it takes 15 people (at least)

Honestly. It really does, here's the proof. I encountered this mob of people assembled near Wangfujing. Thinking I'd be able to witness a good fist fight, I squeezed to the front to see what was going on. Disappointingly, it was only some Chinese girl unable to park her car. Somehow, the Audi's rear left corner of the bumper was just slightly touching the rear right corner of the VW's bumper, and for some reason this was preventing the Audi from being driven.

Analysis of the characters in the photo:
1. Puzzled woman who can't figure out how the heck she got her car stuck like this. I can't figure it out either.
2. Man thinking: "How inept can this chick be?"
3. Montel look-alike.
4. Unbuttons one more button of his shirt with each passing minute.
5. Unamused woman.
6. Helpfully performing an analysis of the front of the car, which is not stuck anyway.
7. Tsinghua University engineering student analyzing the tensile strength of the bumper.
8. Passive bystanders.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not know why there is so little comments on your articles Though sometimes I hate you , I do think you r quite sensitive to our routine daily life.

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