Aug 1, 2005

McDonald's story

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"I remember 1992 in Beijing. It was May. The sun was shining. There, on the corner of Wangfujing, it opened. Finally. McDonald’s had come to China.

There were steel fences erected outside to ensure people went into the Golden Arches in a semi-orderly manner. Me and buddy charged our way through the crowds. We got in and laid down our Mao-bills. One of everything. We took our seat next to hundreds. They were as ecstatic as we were, but we were convinced they had no idea why they were ecstatic. Then it happened.

As we picked up our McChickens and Big Macs and stuffed them heartily into our faces, our seated neighbors had no idea what to do. They opened up the sandwich wrappers, only to be faced with a bun and meat. One of them had an idea!

He ran to the counter and back again. He had obtained two straws. He proceeded to try to use them as chopsticks. First, he twisted off the bottom bun of his Double Cheeseburger. After 3 minutes of stabbing and turning, the straws gave in and were eternally bent. Useless. That did not deter him though - he just ran back and got some more straws.

Everyone then caught on to this “innovation” and they stampeded to the counter to get straws. The store was soon robbed of all it’s straws. There were literally no more straws in McDonald’s.

A manager-type of person then made his way to the seating area and started shouting “Use your hands to eat! Pick up the hamburger with both your hands and eat it!”. Then he announced, “We have no more straws, therefore, we are no longer serving beverages.”

No one seemed to mind or even listen to him - they just kept trying to pick up everything with their straws, succeeding only one French fry at a time."

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