Jul 20, 2005

Война миров

I bought a copy of War of the Worlds from my local DVD vendor for 7 RMB (US$ 0.85). It seems to be near-DVD quality, and the sound is good. I was a bit worried at first since the title screen came on with the words "Война миров". I was certain it would have Russian dubbing. In the end, it was the English version. Perhaps it would have been better had the entire thing been dubbed in Russian so I couldn't understand what a ridiculous story it is. I agree with the Roger Ebert review of this movie, it doesn't seem like a Spielberg movie. It's like he had his interns do the whole thing and he slapped his name on it afterwards.

The special effects are good, so having a DVD is nice since you can skip through the poor storyline to the exciting parts. I wouldn't waste time and money seeing this one in the theater.


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