Mar 11, 2005

There were a bunch of public service signs like this one in a park in Beijing. I took the time to translate this one. I still can't figure out what the Ms. Pac-man character is so happy about. Maybe she feels enlightened after reading it.

Urgent contraception

Things to pay attention to

1. Upon discovery of a failed contraceptive after intercourse, one should soon go to a hospital or other facility to receive emergency contraceptive medication within 72 hours.

2. Emergency contraceptive medication is a one time remedy after intercourse and not a regular method of contraception.

3. After taking emergency contraceptive medication, one should not again have unprotected intercourse during the next week.

4. If vomiting, take the contraceptive medication within two hours in case it was spit out.

5. After the menstrual period is over, contraceptive measures must be adopted.

6. If no menstrual period occurs after taking medicine, a pregnancy test must be done.

7. In case of failed contraception, an induced abortion is recommended.


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