Feb 8, 2005

new year's activities

Monday and Tuesday this week, the office was pretty deserted since people were traveling back to their hometowns for the week of new year. Most people will have at least 7 days vacation total. It's a fine time to travel around in China if your goal is to be stuck in crowds with a billion other people on the move.

Tuesday night, the eve of Chinese new year, was the main event when families get together for a reunion dinner and then watch the annual CCTV variety show together. I was invited to eat with a friend's family and I got to try some new foods from their region (Shandong).

There were no government-sponsored fireworks. They only do that in October for another week-long holiday. Despite the lack of official displays, there was no shortage of people shooting fireworks at night, but they weren't part of any organized festival. From what I heard from my friends, you're not allowed to shoot fireworks in the populated areas of Beijing (inside the 5th ring road). That rule didn't seem to stop anybody though.


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